Kids Menu

The Philly Cheese Sandwich is available in a mini form on our kids menu! We know that little tikes cannot always hunker down into a giant Philly Cheese Sandwich so we have offered our favorite dishes in portions that are approachable to little appetites.

Yet, our kids menu is more than just the Philly Cheese Sandwich. We offer a variety of tasty and kid-friendly foods so that you can enjoy your Philly Cheese Sandwich and they can order off of the kids menu. After all, Philly’s & Cream’s mission is to simplify and streamline your lunch or dinner experience. Tell us what you want us to throw on the grill and consider it done. Whether you order from our regular or kids menu you will have your food hot and ready in minutes. Don’t forget to order an ice cream cone for dessert! We carry multiple flavors and cones for all tastes and preferences.

The next time you are craving a Philly Cheese sandwich or ice cream, come to Philly’s & Cream in Shoshoni, WY!