Philly Cheese Sandwich in Shoshoni, WY

The Philadelphia cheese steak has been a staple of Philly culture and, quite frankly sports culture, since the 1930’s. The iconic philly cheese sandwich has been iconic to the City of Brotherly Love ever since a lonely hot dog vendor decided to use thinly sliced beef steak instead of frankfurters.

Today, Philly’s & Cream uses only the highest quality cuts of beef ribeye to make our cheese steak sandwiches. We believe the superior marbling of a ribeye cut makes it the ideal piece of meat for a Philly Cheese sandwich. These cuts of beef are seared to perfection on our grill before we stuff them into a fresh hoagie roll and top it with your choice of Cheez Whiz or artisan provolone.

Celebrate the rich history of sports and the classic Philly Cheese Sandwich today at Philly’s & Cream in Shoshoni, WY! We also serve fresh ice cream and feature a kids menu for our younger diners.

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